Wolverine Carbide and Tool

Wolverine Carbide and Tool boasts a 45,000 square foot facility stocked with the latest in CNC controlled Wire EDM, grinding, sinking, and finishing equipment in the industry. Coupled with the ability to generate machine replacement parts and services for a wide range of manufacturing needs, Wolverine Carbide and Tool is an essential component in the Cold Heading Company’s comprehensive manufacturing organization. Continuous improvement keeps Wolverine Carbide and Tool on the cutting edge of new tool production techniques and procedures.

  • Carbide Die Assemblies
  • Carbide Punches
  • Carbide Dies
  • Punch Cases
  • Punch Holders
  • Slotted Punches
  • Feed Rolls
  • Machine Replacement Parts
  • Machine Transfer Fingers
  • Segmented Carbide Dies
  • Knurling Dies
  • Die Cases
  • Straightener Dies
  • Pointing Tools
  • Draw Dies
  • Knock-Out Pins
  • Cut-Off Knives
  • Die Blocks
  • Quills
  • Quill Cases